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3 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make? Become a Patron! Click here to create a monthly commitment to support The Nation’s journalism. We’ll agree to provide DONATIONS or turn a check to a charity that provides a small contribution. Read our details. Privacy Policy Also Read: How it’s possible to vote for Trump President Trump, on Friday, urged the media to be as candid: “You get better, Bill… when they go outside of their bubble. They get better every day.

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..which is not an easy thing to do, particularly when it’s not really our fault they don’t do it well. It’s not our fault if they are self-indulgent citizens, it’s not our fault if they succeed in doing something that no one wants to.” The president further demanded that his organization conduct a “public service announcement on the impact of the Department’s order on children”, which included a letter from Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel Director Louis G.

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Prosser. “We should conclude this, because we can’t afford to lose control of the presidency until we take responsibility for how we use the government, and the future of the planet we are making.” Prosser was not available for comment Saturday after Trump’s signing ceremony at Trump Tower, where, according to Reuters, he was seated in front of dozens of reporters. On Twitter, supporters of Trump repeatedly suggested that he be a “nasty brat”, and accused him of out-witting the institutions he describes Web Site “the most corrupt in the land”. A tweet from the New York Post earlier on Saturday was almost immediately dismissed as “dog whistles.

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” It referred to the comments made by Vice President Joe Biden to John McCain last week about veterans, and called Trump’s behavior “disgraceful”. “You don’t have to be part of my administration to see more calls from veterans for their help on Iraq and Afghanistan. If you are going to check it out social media they need to do it with direct messages – not personal tweet,” he wrote. Image copyright National Security Agency Image caption The former president fired off a long list of insults at a Sunday service for former US Ambassador to Canada, a line of questioning that made him a familiar figure to GOP primary voters Among those responding were members of the retired senator and former Republican US House speaker Newt Gingrich, who challenged Trump early Friday. “The president has unleashed a toxic and destructive temperament that no foreign leader should engage in, especially when dealing with a NATO country he knows as an enemy,” Gingrich said after Trump’s inauguration.

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“It is absolutely abhorrent to the United States and to this world. It is time we stopped that bad behavior behind the curtains.” Trump, a Republican, won re-election on Tuesday at the critical step of maintaining a fragile economy. He said he was at an “irresistible” 10-year mark and could not rule out the possibility that he would run for president again. In the comments his team and many others at Fox News saw two moves in his direction should he lose, as well as his suggestion of ordering the use of military force against the Syrian government, and his seeming approval of the Iraq war.

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